The final conference and workshop of the project was held in  Città di Castello, Italy on the 25th May 2016. It was attended by over 150 teachers, students, partners and local dignitories. The conference was a great success with it being completed by some of the students playing.



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Meeting and workshops in Figueira da Foz, Portugal 

A great meeting was held in Portugal on the 18th to the 22 April 2016. The Major of Figueira welcomed us, a partner planning meeting was held, and workshops for the teachers and students.

Meeting the Major.

Major 1 Foto Mauro Correia 146 Foto Mauro Correia 135


Students1 Students2 Workshop5 Workshop4 Workshop3 Workshop2 Workshop1

Croatia meeting and workshops, Zagreb

The next meeting was held in Zagreb, Croatia between the 23rd and 28th January 2016. Students and teachers from Turkey, Portugal, Austria and Italy were hosted by the High – school of Science “Vladimir Prelog”.

Croatia 1 Croatia 2 Croatia 3


Vienna meeting and workshops

Between the 11th and 16th October 2015 a partner meeting and workshops with teachers and students from Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Austria were very successfully held in Vienna.


Teacher workshops with partners

Vienna meet 1    Vienna meet 2
Portuguese students

Local workshops

Four successful workshops were held in this spring in Portugal, Italy, Turkey and Austria recently. The workshops asked teachers to use creative ideas to evaluate the effect of youth unemployment on their students.

Austria Workshop

Workshop help in Vienna, Austria with local teachers and stakeholders

Italy Workshop

Local Teachers Workshop in Italy at Centro Studi Villa Montesca : a focusing on students motivation and the impact on early school leaving.

Portugal workshop

Productive workshop help in Portugal.

Turkey workshop

Good ideas coming from the Turkish workshop.

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