The EiYoU! project had a clear and innovative, path to achieve results.

The methodology included tapping into existing teachers and educators to understand how they are dealing with the problem, and creative workshops that built collaborative solutions as well.

Methodological tool-kit

The tool-kit was a set of guidelines and resources to support the local project teams to implement innovation and co-creation workshops.

Local reports about the impact of youth unemployment on learning

Every partner country delivered a local report achieved after two workshops with teachers.

Online crowdsourcing forum

This is an ongoing collective forum where existing members of our online network, dedicated to open innovation, are challenged to solve problems posted by companies, NGOs, projects or individuals. You can access the forum here.

Transnational Report “Educational Innovation to tackle youth unemployment”

This report represents the conclusions of 3 transnational workshops with teachers.

It describes problematic situations in schools and proposes solutions obtained from all the stakeholders in the project: groups of teachers, the project team and online crowd-sourcing discussions.

It also includeds the ideas and solutions proposed that were tested by the project.

Impact report on the piloting in schools

This report describes the results of the testing with the piloting groups of students. It evaluates the difference in terms of self-esteem, learning achievements, future expectations and school motivations, on the effects of youth unemployment, achieved by the piloting.

Portfolio/Catalogue of educational Innovations

Is an open portfolio of solutions that have been tested and found that actually produce results, these are an open and dynamic resource that teachers can try freely.

“Info-kit” impact of the project

  • Policy recommendations;
  • Multimedia products for dissemination and exploitation.

All the results and resources listed here can be found on the ‘Outputs‘ page.

In addition the project has completed a number of dissemination and exploitation events and strategies to raise the impact of the project. These included:

  • National Multiplier Meeting
  • Transnational  multiplier conference
  • Website
  • Dissemination materials

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