31 students (14-18 years old) participated in exchange weeks, were:

  1. Immersed in positive learning environments
  2. Learned how to build coping strategies
  3. Faced challenges and took responsibility for their future

More than 600 students, in all, were involved in the application of educational prototypes by their teachers.

After the project, students and their families completed questionnaires and focus-groups, so that we could understand the changes in their attitudes towards schools, social acquisition and the psychological effects of their involvement. The graphics below, show the results of the factors that most changed.

48 teachers have participated in transnational co-creation workshops and mobilities, where:

  1. they discussed the problems affecting the motivation of students within a transnational perspective
  2. they initiated new methods and initiatives to reinforce more positive learning environments
  3. they then shared their ideas in the classroom and motivated each other towards innovation.

36 teachers in 10 secondary schools tested different educational prototypes in their classes and reported their results using the mobile application Experience Fellow.

10 different secondary schools took part in Ei YoU! with their students and teachers participating in the actions. At the end of the project the school directors were asked to fill in a questionnaire about any visible changes in the school environment.

1. Organisations Involved

2. Participants

3. Crowdsourcing

4. Perceived Changes

5. Innovation

6. Schools

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