Final conference 25 May 2016 at Città di Castello, Italy


EiYoU is a European Union, funded, education project that is addressing the crisis in Youth Unemployment through creative and innovative ideas.

There is a crisis in young students that is reducing their expectations for the future. It is caused by the prospect of unemployment. It is leading to:

  • Demotivation to learn
  • Early school leaving
  • Disillusionment that further education, degrees and qualifications have value
  • A feeling that schools are detached from the labour market

In addition, adult unemployment is lowering family’s economic and social conditions that are impacting on student’s education. Another factor, is a belief that their schools and teachers are ignoring, in most cases, the realities of the change in availability of knowledge because of the Internet, thus alienating young students. To address this crisis it is necessary that:

  • Students take responsibility for their futures, instead of feeling threatened by todays conditions
  • Students build coping strategies for their careers in a positive and entrepreneurial way
  • Schools need to adapt to become relevant to today’s student’s needs, not past worlds
  • Students do not leave school early

The EiYoU project has gained experience from multiple layers of education and created a catalogue of innovative interventions for schools and teachers, through creative workshops and crowd-sourcing.

Students1 Foto Mauro Correia 135






Users can still contribute to the ideas to a community that is looking at the problems with innovative ideas. Please contribute here.

To learn more and contribute to the discussion or get involved in a workshop please write to us here.

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